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The official website offers to buy HondroFrost gel for any joint pain in Slovenia at the lowest price {€45}. HondroFrost gel is required to be ordered, indicating the phone number and name in the form on the website, and received by mail without prepayment. Today only there is 50% off an innovative arthritis cream.

When does HondroFrost gel help?

A quick and effective effect in the form of eliminating pain and increasing joint mobility is possible with any type of arthritis at any age. Save yourself from disability yourself!

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Osteoarthritis (in European terminology, osteoarthritis) affects up to 11-12% of the working-age population in Slovenia and causes an increase in people who have to apply for disability due to joint problems: it becomes difficult for them to serve themselvesdue to pain, stiffness in movement. HondroFrost gel for a course of treatment relieves pain without additional sedatives, relieves inflammation in the joints, prevents disability. I recommend!
HondroFrost for joint pain

HondroFrost joint pain gel reliably eliminates the symptoms and causes of diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, joint arthrosis. It has a patented organic composition with natural ingredients, selected in optimal proportions, which avoids side effects. HondroFrost gel has no contraindications, relieves pain instantly (10 minutes), restores the mobility of cartilage tissue and joints in two weeks, effectively relieves inflammation, has passed the necessary clinical trials, has tens of thousands of positive reviews in many countries.

With which joint diseases does HondroFrost gel help?

disease Explanation Chronic arthrosis It develops over a long time and slowly, leading to serious consequences, disability. It affects various joints, the total number of which in a person reaches about 300 units, the pain is constant, but not acute. Prevention of the disease is possible with HondroFrost cream. Acute arthritis It is accompanied by severe pain and tissue inflammation. It can appear due to local or general infection, toxic-allergic or autoimmune reactions, trauma. Treatment of arthritis is necessary to prevent the transition to an acute form. Gouty arthritis It appears due to the deposition of urate - salts of uric acid in the joints, mainly in the big toes, leading to deformation of the joints, permanent pain. Psoriatic The upper joints of the fingers are affected and at the same time several other areas. Minors Arthritis in children associated with a genetic predisposition. The pain level here can be high.

HondroFrost gel effectively relieves pain in stages 1-4 of arthritis, in which the first is characterized by malnutrition of the joint, the second is the formation of hard exostoses or osteophytes at the edges, pain appears, the third is the formation of osteochondral defects. , cracking, reduction of the articular lumen, the last, fourth - limitation of joint movement (ankylosis), severe inflammatory processes, the appearance of bone defects due to the destroyed cartilage cover. In the fourth stage, massage, physiotherapy exercises, hormonal treatment may already be ineffective: a surgical operation may be required to replace the joint with an artificial one. Therefore, the treatment and prevention of arthrosis and arthritis should be timely, including the use of HondroFrost gel.

Composition of HondroFrost gel for joint pain

  • chondroitin gel HondroFrost against arthritis


    Prevents the destruction of cartilage, reduces the activity of enzymes that break down collagen in joints. Due to this, the humidity increases (in the cartilage the water level reaches 64%), friction decreases, elasticity is preserved. It has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties, improves the functions of the joints and spine and thus has a general strengthening effect, reduces the loss of calcium ions, inhibits degeneration processes, improves the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, stimulates the formation of glycosaminoglycans. Its presence in HondroFrost allows to reduce pain, accelerate the regeneration of the joint bag, reduce the formation of fibrin clot, has a long-term therapeutic effect after the end of treatment and prevention of arthrosis, arthritis of the joints. The component is used with caution in children under 15 years of age, during pregnancy, lactation, allergies, thrombophlebitis, bleeding tendency, lactose intolerance.

  • glucosamine in HondroFrost cream for osteoarthritis


    As part of the HondroFrost gel, it quickly relieves swelling, moderate pain and helps restore joint cartilage by saturating tissues with trace elements. After using glucosamine, the cartilage tissue becomes smoother, the friction force decreases and the limbs work better. The element is a monosaccharide, it improves the absorption of calcium and the condition of the synovial fluid. The effect of the application is cumulative: it appears after 4-5 weeks.

  • horse chestnut in HondroFrost for arthritis

    horse chestnut extract

    It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood circulation in the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, including arthrosis. Contains escin, saponin, is an antioxidant, moderate diuretic, reduces the breakdown of mucopolysaccharides in capillary walls, which prevents the entry of water, electrolytes, low molecular weight proteins into the intercellular space, reduces the feeling of tension in the lower extremities. May cause allergic reactions.

  • capsicum capsicum in HondroFrost for polyarthritis


    It has a vasodilating, local irritant, analgesic effect, prolonged in its characteristics. Improves pain tolerance in arthrosis due to the activation of the antinoceptive system: this prevents the transmission of the impulse to the cerebral cortex. The component is used carefully for small children, during pregnancy, feeding, allergies, skin diseases and ulcers. Allergic manifestations in the form of redness and itching disappear after a few hours after stopping use.

How to order a cream for all types of arthritis in Slovenia?

You should buy HondroFrost gel for course treatment (you may need several 50 ml tubes) through the official website at the best price from the manufacturer - only € 39 and find out the cost in other countries! The cream is effective for the prevention of joint diseases and will save time and money for such expensive procedures as: arthrography, arthroscopy, ultrasound, MRI, synovial fluid analysis. Slovenia is on the mailing list, cash on delivery! Get rid of joint pain and pamper yourself! A doctor's permission is not required for use, except in personal cases of allergies or serious concomitant diseases.

Where can I buy HondroFrost in Slovenia?

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